Community Participation


Digital preservation is an emerging discipline globally and the Library has been a consistent contributor to international developments in both research and practice.

The National Library has contributed at a high level to international research endeavours for over a decade now. Particular achievements include:

  • Preservation metadata (in use internationally and which contributed to the de facto standard PREMIS)
  • Metadata Extract Tool (one of the first and one of very few tools for understanding the internal makeup of a file)
  • Rosetta (one of only two commercial digital rpeservation systems available internationally)
  • Web Curator Tool (which makes web archiving a desktop/curatorial process rather than an engineer's activity)
  • NSLA Digital Preservation Technical Registry (will provide a global resource for the support of enterprise class digital preservation programmes).

Here are just some of the groups we are currently working with:

International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)

Developing best practices, policy and resources in support of preserving the content and accessibility of web archives.


Maintaining, supporting, and coordinating future revisions to the PREMIS data dictionary.

Other Working Groups

Those interested in the work of the Library and the PRC team may also find these working groups interesting.