Other Working Groups of Interest


Format Library Working Group (FLWG)

The National Library convenes the Rosetta Format Library Working Group (FLWG). This group, open to all Rosetta implementers, is the primary forum for discussing capability, functionality and processes that are derived from the format library. The FLWG also controls the roll out of the Global Format Library to all installations.

The Format Library Working Group

  • Manages the format library (updates and edits)
  • Agrees on changes to the knowledge base
  • Develops new functionality proposals
  • Reviews new Ex Libris proposals

iPRES - International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects

The National Library fully supports the iPRES (external link) series of conferences. iPRES is the main international conference on digital preservation. Members of staff have worked on the organising committee for a number of the conferences (2013, 2014, 2016) and have given numerous presentations.

NSLA Digital Preservation Group

This group is involved in identifying best practice and collaborative options for the preservation of born-digital and digitised materials. 

The current group members are:

Serena Coates (State Library of Queensland)
David Allen (State Library of Queensland)
Kerry Blinco (Northern Territory Library)
Antoinette Buchanan (Libraries ACT)
Libor Coufal (National Library of Australia)
Joanna Fleming (State Library of New South Wales)
Jennifer Jerome (LINC Tasmania)
Peter McKinney (National Library of New Zealand)
David Ong (State Library of Western Australia)
Cornel Platzer (National Library of Australia)
Lesley Sharp (State Library of South Australia)
Sarah Slade (State Library Victoria)

For more information visit: http://www.nsla.org.au/projects/digital-preservation (external link)

Rosetta User Group

 The Rosetta User Group provides input to Ex Libris regarding all aspects of Rosetta including:

  • advice and guidance to Ex Libris on the direction and activities relating to Rosetta
  • serves as a forum for information sharing, discussion and collaborative analysis and assessment of the development of Rosetta
  • ensures that Rosetta development continues to meet the needs of the Rosetta user community and potential new customers.

The current office holders are:

Kirsty Smith (National Library of New Zealand) - RUG Chair
Chad Barker (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) - System Operations Working Group Lead
Michelle Lindlar (German National Library of Science and Technology) - Digital Preservation Working Group Lead
Dave Allen (State Library of Queensland) - Delivery & Integrations Working Group Lead
Peter McKinney (National Library of New Zealand) - Format Library Working Group Lead
Matthias Gross (Bavarian State Library) - IGeLU Rep
Teresa Soleau (Getty Research Institute) -  ELUNA Rep

About these groups:

  • System Operations  - focus is on issues related to the way Rosetta operates and how data moves through the system including material flows, content deposit, technical analyst work bench, SIP processing, and searching the  repository
  • Access and Integrations - focus is on issues related to traditional ideas of digital asset management such as delivery, publishing and access rights
  • Digital Preservation -focus is on practices of long-term digital preservation and data archiving, including the implementation and integration of as well as conformance to standards and schemas.
  • Format Library  - focus is on operating procedures, and workflows of the Rosetta Format Library



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